Q: What currency are these quoted prices in?

A: All pricing is in New Zealand Dollars and includes all taxes (called GST in NZ). There are no hidden extras.

Q: When ordering a phone, what am I paying for?

A: You are paying for a cellular phone for your own use. The phone prepay account will be preloaded with a certain amount of credit – for your initial use. You may top-up the account as much as you need. The phone is registered with the local company so you get service as a local kiwi: No incoming call fees. No roaming fees. Free calls to NZ 0800 numbers.

The initial payment will include the hire fee, a refundable bond on the phone and the initial prepay balance. When the phone returns to Phone Hire New Zealand you will be refunded with the bond less the initial credit.

You pay ‘Phone Hire New Zealand’ for hiring the phone. The communication fees are paid directly to the cellular company by buying top-up vouchers.

Q: What is an approved delivery address?

A: Your product will be shipped to the delivery address prior to your arrival. The address can be your first-night hotel, car rental agency or a friend you are visiting. We shall contact the delivery address and confirm that the package will be accepted. You are required to provide sufficient details: postal address and e-mail or contact phone. Alternately you can set the delivery address to any New Zealand PostShop where the package will be waiting for you.

Q: When do I get the product?

A: The product will be waiting for you at the delivery address on time. You just need to identify yourself.

Q: Can I use my own mobile phone with your SIM card in New Zealand?

A: In order to operate in New Zealand with local SIM card your phone needs to be a GSM phone that operates on a frequency of 900Mhz and open to other SIM cards (SIM unlock).

Q: what is the hire process?

A: The hire process starts with you submitting a reservation form and ends with you getting the product on the start date at the delivery address.
When we receive your reservation order and payment we check that the delivery address is valid and will hold the product for you.
Then we will send you a confirmation message that confirms the order, the delivery address and that the payment has been accepted. This message will also include your hire phone number.

Q: What is the network coverage of New Zealand? Where can I use the phone or modem?

A: Phone Hire New Zealand provides mobile phones and modems from three New Zealand Cellular companies. If you suspect that you might travel places covered by one company and not the other, ask for a phone better serviced by that company. For coverage maps use the following links: Vodafone coverage, Telecom coverage, 2degrees.

Q: How do I return the product?

A: With our product you will get a return package that includes a box and an addressed prepaid courier post envelope. Just put the product in the box as required by the return procedure, insert the box in the envelope and go to the nearest post shop for delivery. Please be aware of the PostShop opening hours and locations. There is a NZ Post outlet at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch Airports.

Q: What happens to my remaining phone balance when I return the phone or the prepay modem?

A: When you return the phone or the modem all existing prepay balance will be credited back to your account. The credit is limited to $25 for phone and $50 for modem.

Q: When do I get the bond refund?

A: when we receive your product back we will inspect it and credit your account with the bond and the remaining prepaid account balance, usually the same day.